Don’t Look Now set to scare all over again on Blu-ray

According to a review by, the newly re-mastered Blu-ray Disc release of classic 70s horror flick Don’t Look Now is set to send pulses racing all over again. Re-released throughout Europe on July 4th, the beautifully restored movie is widely regarded by horror fans as a masterpiece in suspense. The cinematic trickery employed by renowned director Nic Roeg has ensured its place in the hall of horror alongside classics such as The Exorcist and The Shining, and this new release is surely set to cement its status for years to come.

Gravitating around the themes of grief and love, this spooky thriller follows John (Donald Sutherland) and Laura (Julie Christie) as they experience every parent’s worst nightmare. However the infamous tagline for the movie ‘Nothing is what it seems’ hints that twists and turns await the couple in their quest to overcome the life changing event… complements the BD’s picture quality and also points out that the re-mastering is about as good as it gets:

‘The colours, the locations and Pino Donaggio’s haunting music have all been painfully restored… To watch this fully restored Blu-ray on my home cinema was like watching the film for the very first time.’

Awarding the extras four stars, claims this is where the BD really comes into its own:

‘Beside the brilliant commentary from Nic Roeg that offers so many gems on the shooting of the film there are mesmerising interviews from Sutherland, Allan Scott, Danny Boyle and the making of documentary… put it this way – you’ll never have to reach for Google to find a fact or an insight into this classic again.’

The conclusion?

‘You’ll be engrossed and left wanting more.’

Tempted? We certainly are! Click here for the full review.

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