Disney Pixar complete collection heading to Blu-ray

Animation fans and collectors will be very excited to hear that Disney Pixar, the company that truly revolutionised big screen animation with its computer generated techniques, will release its complete Blu-ray collection on November 11th.

This box set showcases Pixar’s unique brand of animation in stunning high definition, from Toy Story, the first ever computer animated feature film, right up to 2013’s Monsters University. This collection demonstrates the amazing job Pixar has done in setting new standards in computer graphics –the realistic fur in Monsters, Inc; the amazing water effects in Finding Nemo; stunning visions of the future in Wall-E and many, many more. The collection also includes all the famous Pixar shorts, including the early tests that pre-date Toy Story.

To and get more details, or to pre-order the collection, head over to Amazon.

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