DEG reports rising Blu-ray sales

A report published by the Digital Entertainment Group has shown that while overall home entertainment spending in the US fell in the last year, sales of Blu-ray discs are on the rise.

The Digital Entertainment Group is a body made up of 70 companies such as Walt Disney, Time Warner and Samsung. Its mid-year home entertainment report revealed that sales of Blu-rays increased by 10% in the last year, with consumers being attracted by the high quality images Blu-ray offers.

Ron Sanders, president of Warner Home Video commented on the Blu-ray figures, saying, “It’s getting very well-established in households. Consumers are getting more and more comfortable with buying Blu-ray.”

The increase in sales of Blu-ray Discs has also been helped by the drop in prices for players. With officials also commenting that an influx of popular movies will be arriving in the next six months, it would seem that the future for Blu-ray looks very promising. has more information on the story.

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