Deadpool looks dead cool on Blu-ray

Deadpool was an unexpected hit in the cinema, taking a total of $745m so far at the box office. Now, our cheeky anti-hero will make his debut on Blu-ray, which will be available in Deadpoolthe UK from 13th June.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Wade Wilson, a retired Special Forces operative who spends his days earning money as a ruthless mercenary. When he is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he enlists the help of a mysterious stranger who claims to be able to cure him. With nothing left to lost, he puts his life in the hands of a man known as Ajax, who claims to be able to force his body into mutating and healing itself. What happens changes Wilson’s life forever, forcing him to adopt his wisecracking alter ego, Deadpool.

Not much is known about the special features that will appear on the Deadpool Blu-ray, but we are sure that they will be in keeping with the movie’s tongue-in-cheek approach to superheroes!

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