Critics praise The Bourne Legacy’s Blu-ray bonuses

One of the many benefits of the Blu-ray format is the additional capacity to include bonus features. Recent release The Bourne Legacy, from Universal Pictures, has come in for special recognition from leading technology site TG Daily.

The film, starring Jeremy Renner, picks up after the events of Matt Damon’s original Bourne trilogy, which centres on a former CIA assassin who awakes with no memory but finds himself fighting to survive against his previous employers. As the films progressed, a far-reaching conspiracy was slowly revealed. The Bourne Legacy introduces Renner’s character Aaron Cross as part of a much wider world, which explores the themes and events of the original series in much greater detail.

TG Daily, when reviewing the Blu-ray release, praised how the disc develops the series’ mythology, saying: “The Blu-ray release builds on those strengths by helping to develop a unique universe. Everything from the deleted scenes to the interviews explores not only the making of the film, but also the development of this immersive story world.”

Featurettes called Re-Bourne and Man vs Wolf come in for special praise, detailing the making of the film and explaining creative decisions taken to build on the Bourne universe. TG Daily concludes that “the Blu-ray not only delivers in high-fidelity, but also enhances the experience significantly.”

For the full review, head over to TG Daily.

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