Check out these classic Blu-ray reboots – out today!

bb2Today, two classic franchises are getting the Blu-ray treatment, Bad Boys and Hellraiser, both of which are essential for any action or horror fan’s collection.

Bad Boys I & II are being re-released as a 20th Anniversary Collection, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as the hilarious Detectives Lowrey and Burnett, who team up to fight crime in their own unique explosive way. Mastered in 4K, these classic cop films look better than ever! Special features include commentary by director Michael Bay, a behind-the-scenes documentary and three music videos.

The terrifying Hellraiser trilogy is also getting a re-release, with all three films getting a full HD remaster. The story follows Kirsty Cotton, a young lady who comes face-to-face with demonic beings from another realm, led by the fearsome Pinhead. The trilogy comes with brand new sleeve artwork, as well as a wealth of special features across all three discs.


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