Casablanca 70th Anniversary Blu-ray Edition announced

The Oscar-winning 1942 romantic classic Casablanca has become one of the most treasured movies of the 20th century, and this week Warner Home Entertainment is releasing a special Blu-ray edition to mark its 70th anniversary.

Details on a European release are yet to be announced, but the American edition has a new 4K scan (making it the highest quality version of the film ever seen), limited edition packaging and over twelve hours of bonus materials, including the 289-minute You Must Remember This: The Warner Bros. Story documentary.

The release is given an impressive 5/5 overall rating on too with reviewer Kenneth Brown writing:

“Warner’s restoration and new encode are nothing short of extraordinary.”

Tempted by arguably one of the greatest films of all time, in stunning high definition? We certainly are. When details of a European release arrive, we’ll let you know!

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