Captain America Blu-ray trailer unleashed

Image of Captain America The First Avenger on has released an exciting new Blu-ray trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger which promises to take fans even deeper into the epic adventure with an onslaught of special features. Released throughout Europe on December 5th, we’re left in no doubt about what to expect and boy are we excited!

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), a sickly soldier from Brooklyn is transformed into super warrior Captain America in an effort to aid the American army against Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) and Adolf Hitler’s campaign for world domination.

Arriving in a Triple Play set, the new trailer packs a serious punch. Viewers can look forward to inside looks at the impressive set design, the mind blowing special effects which transform Evan’s body double into Captain America and Weaving into Red Skull, as well as cast and crew interviews and a look at the cars, motorcycles, tanks, submarines and guns in the film. Plus, if that wasn’t enough, Marvel fans can look into the assembling of one of 2012’s most anticipated releases – The Avengers.

Check out for the latest look. We’ve also included the trailer below for you to enjoy.

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