BVA’s ‘What Are You Waiting For’ campaign proves a success

Blu-ray KantarResearch out from Kantar Worldpanel has shown that the British Video Association’s ‘What are you waiting for?’TV advertising campaign from Q4 2009 was successful in raising awareness of the benefits of the Blu-ray format in the run up to Christmas.

Kantar World panel found that the campaign, which ran across all major UK TV channels in November and December, was recalled by over nine million consumers, increasing awareness and understanding of the format. Nearly two thirds of respondents (64.7%) felt that Blu-ray picture quality was better than DVD, a rise of 10%, while just under half (47.9%) felt that the sound quality was better, a rise of 12%.

Lavinia Carey, Director General, British Video Association, commented: ‘The best way to enjoy films at home is on high definition Blu-ray discs. Our campaign set out to highlight the benefits of Blu-ray to consumers and to boost understanding and awareness.¬† The results of the research are heartening and indicate that we are moving in the right direction. This year we will be looking at how we maintain momentum and continue to encourage members of the public to trade up to high definition software.

Full details of the findings can be read in the BVA’s press release.

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