British sales boost for Blu-ray

Following last week’s news from the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) that US Blu-ray Discs sales have shown strong growth, this week we learnt that Blu-ray sales have been bolstered in the UK too. According to the latest stats from the British Video Association (BVA), the UK market for video entertainment in Q1 2013 grew by 10.1 % in value across physical and digital formats. Consumers spent £536.3 million between January and March 2013, and much of this growth was down to the popularity of Blu-ray.


According to the BVA, Blu-ray Disc sales grew by 44% over the same period in 2012, rising to £65.3 million. Not only were sales of Blu-ray Discs up, but the UK also saw sales of Blu-ray players break through the 5 million barrier, with 5,010,100 stand-alone players now sold since their original launch.


Commenting on today’s results, Lavinia Carey, Director General of the British Video Association, said: “Today’s figures are most encouraging, particularly the increase in the value of physical sales and uplifting performance of Blu-ray Discs.”


To read the full press release, head over to the British Video Association.

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