Bridesmaids on Blu-ray gets the thumbs up on WhatCulture

An image of Bridesmaids on Blu-rayBack in August, we brought you the news that Bridesmaids was landing on Blu-ray. Now that the bridal-shower blast of brassy hilarity has been officially released, we thought we’d see what those culture vultures at WhatCulture made of it.

The film itself is described as ‘Arguably the best comedy of the year’, with the disc being credited for its ‘crystal clear images’, ‘excellent’ colour clarity and ‘superb’ definition.

‘Informative’, ‘entertaining’ and ‘comprehensive’ extras complete the package making it a tempting offer for any Blu-ray fans. Worthy of your Christmas list? WhatCulture certainly thinks so…

‘Combining excellent visuals and audio with an engaging array of special features this is a release worth owning!’

For the full 4.5/5 review, including a run-down of all the extras on the Blu-ray, visit the WhatCulture site.

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