Blu-rays for the Weekend: Twentieth Century Icons

We got a first taste of the upcoming Princess Diana biopic this week when the trailer was released. To mark the occasion, here are some of the top films about other icons of the 20th Century, all available in high definition on Blu-ray. So if you’re looking for something to watch, this weekend, why not try one of the following…

My Week with Marilyn

My week with Marilyn dramatises the short lived romance between the starlet Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams) and film student Collin Clark (Eddie Redmayne) during her first trip to London. However things soon start to fall apart as it becomes apparent Collin is unable to keep up with Marilyn’s glamorous lifestyle. The Blu-ray features an audio commentary as well as a piece on casting, the direction of Simon Curtis, set design and shooting the locales.









Factory Girl

Set in the swinging sixties, Factory Girl follows the fortunes of IT girl and aspiring artist Edie Sedgwick (Sienna Miller) and her tumultuous relationship with Andy Warhol (Guy Pearce) and folk musician Billy Quin (Hayden Christensen). As the pair begins to vie for Edie’s attention, a complex web of love and betrayal unfolds. Special features include a featurette on the real Edie, some short deleted scenes and a video diary from Guy Pearce.








Nowhere Boy

Nowhere Boy is a British biopic about the iconic Beatles star John Lennon. The movie opens in Liverpool in 1955, as schoolboy John (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) grapples with girls, parents and school. The movie documents his first meeting with Paul McCartney (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) and George Harrison (Sam Bell), their friendship, love for music and the birth of The Beatles. The Blu-ray features deleted scenes, as well as a piece on making the movie and insights from the cast and crew.

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