Blu-rays for the Weekend: The Mechanic – Resurrection

This weekend, The Mechanic: Resurrection, lands in cinemas across the UK, stirring up excitement among Jason Statham fans.

Statham reprises his role as Arthur Bishop, a ruthless assassin who specialises in making his contract killings look like accidents. The film picks up in the years after the events of the first movie; Bishop is now retired, after a previous attempt on his life. However, when the love of his life is kidnapped, he is forced back into action to complete three impossible assignments. The film also stars Tommy Lee Jones, Jessica Alba and Michelle Yeoh.

To get you in the mood for The Mechanic: Resurrection, we’ve listed our three favourite Jason Statham movies available on Blu-ray.


Statham stars alongside Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, Miranda Hart and Peter Serafinowicz in this hilarious espionage caper.Spy

McCarthy plays CIA analyst Susan Cooper, a deskbound agent who lives in the shadow of her partner and mentor Bradle y Fine, whom she would do anything for. However, when Fine goes missing during a mission, it’s up to Cooper to leave her deskbound ways behind and go out into the field to infiltrate a dangerous arms dealer, and prevent a global crisis. Everything is going well, until an ex-colleague Rick Ford (Statham) shows up, and threatens to blow the whole mission.

With nearly two hours of bonus features, including eight behind-the-scenes documentaries and a collection of improvised scenes, there’s plenty of extra laughs to be had.



Guy Ritchie’s Snatch stars Benicio Del Toro, Vinnie Jones, Brad Pitt and Alan Ford, alongside Jason Statham.

SnatchSnatch follows boxing promotors Turkish and Tommy, who find themselves mixed up in the murky criminal underworld after crossing the path of the notorious Brick Top. Meanwhile, a huge diamond taken during a heist goes missing, forcing the head of a crime syndicate to fly to the UK to look for it. Before long, the stories begin to intertwine, leading to chaos, confusion and a very squeaky dog.

Snatch comes with a number of special features, including audio commentary by director Guy Ritchie, a making-of documentary, and a selection of deleted scenes.

The Transporter

Statham stars as ex-special forces operative Frank Martin, who lives a solitary life along the French Mediterranean. He makes a living as a mercenary transporter, who’s paid to move dangerous or illegal goods from A to B, with no questions asked.Transporter

However, when one job doesn’t feel right, he breaks his own rules and opens the package, discovering a beautiful woman, who’s been bound and gagged. As his morals get the better of him, Martin and his new charge plot a daring escape, leading to a terrifying and dangerous pursuit.

The Blu-ray comes with audio commentary by Statham, and also includes a number of previews and trailers. The success of the film led to two subsequent movies, The Transporter 2 and The Transporter: Refuelled. You can get all three films as part of a Blu-ray trilogy box set.

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