Blu-rays for the Weekend: The Expendables 2 – the indispensable action films on Blu-ray

With The Expendables 2 hitting the big screen and putting an ensemble cast of action heroes old and new back in the saddle for an adventure into enemy territory, we decided to suggest some of the best Blu-rays for a few of the leading men in the team. Lock and load!

Sylvester Stallone – Cliffhanger

This 1993 classic is a breathless high-altitude action adventure and one of Stallone’s most exhilarating outings. Set in the Rocky Mountains, Stallone is cast as a rescue ranger who becomes embroiled in a failed heist by a fake distress signal from the mountaintop. Battling his own inner-demons from losing a friend to the heights months earlier, Stallone has to find a way to stop the deadly theft plot in its tracks.  This nail-biting thriller will leave you clinging to the edge of your seat while you take in the high-definition vistas of the Rocky Mountains.



Jason Statham – The Transporter

Statham stars in this high-octane action film as Frank Martin, a mercenary ‘transporter’ an exceptionally skilled driver who will deliver any package, anywhere, with no questions asked – and always on time. Driven by his own set of rules, Frank enjoys a lucrative career. But when confronted by a dilemma which causes him to break his own rules, he gets drawn into a quest for vengeance and a battle against a criminal conspiracy. Don’t miss any of the thrilling action on high-definition Blu-ray.




Jet Li – Hero

Jet Li’s critically acclaimed Hero, loosely based on the failed assassination attempt of Ying Zheng, King of Qin state, in 228 BC, follows the story of a Nameless warrior (Jet Li) who comes to the King of Qin to report the deaths of three assassins who have made attempts on his life. But is the story that the Nameless warrior tells accurate, or is it, as the King suspects, a ruse to get close enough to finish the job?

With beautiful cinematography, a visually rich setting and stunning fight choreography – this is a film truly best enjoyed in high-definition.

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