Blu-rays for the Weekend: The alternative guide to romance

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day, which is a perfect excuse for a romantic night in in front of the TV. However, romance films aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. So we’ve picked our three favourite films which aren’t always romantic, but feature a great love story, so they’re perfect for everyone on Valentine’s Day.

star warsStar Wars

There aren’t many who don’t know the plot to this iconic franchise, but just in case you’ve somehow missed it…

The evil Galactic Empire is in control of the universe, with only the Rebel Alliance standing in its way of total domination. Luke Skywalker, a young farmer from the planet Tatooine, has no idea that he’s actually a Jedi Knight, a near-extinct order that were trained to maintain peace and order in the universe. After meeting a mysterious old man, Luke trains to become a Jedi, and joins forces with Han Solo, a rogue pilot, and Chewbacca, his Wookie, to help the Rebel Alliance rescue Princess Leia.

Why is it romantic? Well, Han Solo falls for the beautiful Princess, who is unable to resist his boyish charms. The two fall so madly in love that not even the Empire and a dangerous bounty hunter can stand in their way.

The complete Star Wars saga is available as a nine-disc collection, a must-have for any fan. It features HD cuts of all the films, as well as three discs of bonus features, documentaries and artwork.


crazyCrazy, Stupid Love

There’s plenty of non-romantic fun to be had in Crazy, Stupid Love, which features a great cast that includes Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Julianne Moore.

Carell plays Cal, a recent divorcee who has absolutely no idea how to be single. In steps Jacob, played by Ryan Gosling, who has mastered the art of picking up women. When he sees Cal propping up a bar, he takes it upon himself to teach him the tricks of the trade and turn his life around. Of course, it’s never that straight forward…

Crazy, Stupid, Love comes with a couple of special features, including deleted scenes and a comedy sketch scene with Carell and Gosling.


warmWarm Bodies

Romance? Check. Zombies? Check. What more could you want this Valentine’s Day?

Warm Bodies, starring Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Dave Franco and John Malkovich, is set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The story follows R, a young zombie who, against all his instincts, falls head over heels in love with Julie, a human who’s still very much alive. Instead of wanting to eat her, he feels the need to protect her, which starts a chain reaction among the remaining zombie horde.

The Blu-ray comes with over three-and-a-half hours of special features, including audio commentary, a look at the extended cast, make-up and visual effects.

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