Blu-rays for the Weekend: Let the games begin

This weekend marks the mid-point of the Rio games, and what a spectacle it’s been so far. But what about when the Games shut down for the day? What will you watch?

To get you in the mood for the iconic sporting event, we’ve listed our three favourite sporting movies currently available to buy on Blu-ray:


Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller team up in this hilarious comedy about a bunch of misfits who team up to save their beloved gym.Dodgeball

White Goodman, founder of the chain Globo Gym, has his sights set on the small-time Average Joe’s gym, and looks to pounce on the site, with its cash-strapped owner helpless to stop him. Peter LaFleur – owner of Average Joe’s – looks to his friends and customers to help him raise $50,000, and settle on entering a dodgeball tournament, beating the competition, and pocketing the prize money. Goodman, however, has other ideas…

The Blu-ray comes with a number of special features, including audio commentary with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, deleted scenes and a gag reel.


Based on a true story – which the excellent Coen Brothers adapted before handing the reigns over to director Angela Jolie – Unbroken follows Louis Zamperini, an American Olympic athlete who is drafted to fight for the US Air Force during World War II.

When his plane is downed during a mission, Zamperini and his crew survive in a life raft, drifting in open waters before being picked up and taken captive by a Japanese ship. Becoming prisoners of war, the soldiers must dig deep, and show their true courage and determination if they’re to avoid having their wills broken.

Special features include deleted scenes, a look at the real Louis Zamperini and a look at the making of the movie.

Blades of GloryBlades of Glory

Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, Jon Heder and William Fichtner star in this ice-cold comedy caper from 2007.

Ferrell and Heder play Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy, two disgraced figure skaters who are stripped of their Olympic medals when their fierce rivalry boils over into punches during an awards ceremony. What the two do have in common is a desire to get their medals back. So, after scouring the rules, the two decide to re-enter the competition as the world’s first male-male skating duo. But can the two put their differences aside for long enough to win?

The Blu-ray comes with some hilarious special features, including documentaries about the glamourous costumes, choreography and the making-of the movie.


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