Blu-rays for the Weekend: Jennifer Aniston Movies

Following news that Jennifer Aniston has been given her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, this week we’re focusing on the best of her movies on Blu-ray so far. So if you’re stuck for ideas this weekend, why not try out one of the following:

Horrible Bosses

Aniston is just one of a supremely talented trio who make up the Horrible Bosses of the film’s title. Starring alongside Kevin Spacey and Colin Farrell, her comic performance as Charlie Day’s highly inappropriate boss is jaw achingly funny in this tale of three hapless workers who form a pact to kill their evil employers. The Blu-ray comes packed with special features such as My Least Favourite Career, Surviving a Horrible Boss and Being Mean Is So Much Fun, alongside deleted scenes, a look at the soundtrack and a great blooper reel.

Marley & Me

John Grogan’s non-fiction memoir, Marley and Me captured the hearts of dog-lovers across the globe when it was brought to the big screen in 2005 starring Aniston and Owen Wilson as newlywed journalists who take on an unruly pooch. Destroying furniture, completely disobeying their rules and generally making their lives a living hell, the Grogans slowly begin to understand Marley’s importance in their family. A strong assembly of extras complete the package, touching on the canine casting process, his antics on the set, 19 deleted scenes, interviews with the cast and crew and much more.

The Bounty Hunter

Aniston plays Nicole, an investigative reporter turned fugitive when she discovers a disturbing secret and skips bail. Enter Milo (Gerard Butler), a low-level bounty hunter with a gambling habit who’s been hired to bring her in. Simple? Well it would be, but for the fact that Nicole is his ex-wife and she’s being hotly pursued by a criminal gang who know she’s discovered their plan. Bonus content includes a Making Of documentary, a look at the stunts and road trip element to the filming, as well as contributions from the cast and crew.

So what do you think of our choices? Are you excited to see Jennifer finally get a star? Hit the comments to tell us about your favourite Jennifer Aniston movies, or tell us what else you’ll be looking forward to watching on Blu-ray this weekend.

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