Blu-rays for the Weekend: From TV to the movies

Film history was made this week when a film based on hit TV show Veronica Mars was funded by fans via a social media Kickstarter campaign. Here in the UK, the first trailer for the long awaited Alan Partridge film was also revealed.

So with two beloved TV properties on their way to the big screen, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best TV-to-film adaptations, all available to watch this weekend on high-definition Blu-ray.

Sex And The City

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and the gang made their big screen debut in 2008, continuing the comedic adventures and mishaps of the four famous female friends. The film version brought the style,  humour and emotion from the TV show to life once again, and is sure to please long-time fans. On Blu-ray, the film also includes an extended cut not seen in cinemas.








Star Trek

With sequel Into Darkness headed to cinemas this summer, the 2009 big screen reboot of the classic sci-fi series breathed new life into the franchise. With a fresh young cast including Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana, the J.J. Abrams directed film wowed audiences throughout the globe. The Blu-ray contains an immaculate HD version of the film, plus commentaries, documentaries and other special features.








The Inbetweeners

When cult comedy The Inbetweeners hit cinemas in 2011, it quickly went on to become the UK’s most successful comedy opening of all time. The film sees the boys, fresh out of high school, head to Malia for a holiday. But in true Inbetweeners style, things don’t go exactly to plan! The Blu-ray package includes an extended cut of the film, alongside extensive special features on the making of the movie, commentaries and deleted scenes.

What’s your favourite TV show that’s been made into a film? Let us know in the comments box below.

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