Blu-rays for the Weekend: David Brent – Life on the Road

David Brent Brent’s back and on the big screen this weekend, as Britain’s most infamous boss returns in David Brent: Life on the Road.

Comedian Ricky Gervais reprises the role of his most iconic character, David Brent, who was the star of BBC mockumentary comedy The Office. The new film picks up fifteen years after the original series, and Brent is attempting to finally live his dream of being a famous rock star by touring the UK with his band, Foregone Conclusion. In his mind, he’s being filmed in the same way Scorsese filmed The Rolling Stones, however, as with everything Brent-related, it’s nowhere near that glamorous.

To get you in the mood for Brent, we’ve taken a look at some of our favourite mockumentaries available on Blu-ray.


The ever-controversial Sacha Baron Cohen stars in this hilarious mockumentary about a Kazakhstani TV presenter, who’s sent to the USA to learn about the western way of life. Of course, his lack of social skills, understanding of the English language, and general manners, means that his journey across the country soon turns into a hilarious collision course.

Borat comes with a number of special features, including 25 minutes of never-before-seen extra footage, Borat’s world tour promoting the film, and a look at the film’s music.

I’m Still HereI'm still here

Joaquin Phoenix plays himself in this leftfield mockumentary about his transition from actor to rapper, which is of course entirely staged. Directed by Casey Affleck and featuring big names such as Bruce Willis, Robin Wright, Danny Glover, Billy Crystal and Jack Nicholson, the film goes behind-the-scenes of Phoenix’s foray into madness.

The Blu-ray comes with a number of bonus extras, such as an alternative ending, conversations and interviews with Affleck and Phoenix, as well as trailers and interviews with the cast and crew.

This Is Spinal TapSpinal Tap

This eighties classic follows a fictional British heavy metal band – Spinal Tap – as they attempt a comeback US tour. They are accompanied by a filmmaker fan who documents their chaotic journey across America, chronicling the absurdities of the heavy metal music scene and the people within it. This hilarious parody turns everything up to eleven, and looks brilliant remastered on Blu-ray.

The Blu-ray comes with heaps of extras, including hilarious in-character audio commentary, vintage Spinal Tap music videos, outtakes and a fake appearance on a late night chat show.

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