Blu-rays for the Weekend: Best of Melissa McCarthy

This weekend, the latest Melissa McCarthy comedy The Boss lands in cinemas across the UK.

McCarthy stars as Michelle Darnell, a high-flying industry figurehead who is sent to prison after she’s caught insider trading. After a stint behind bars, she is released and embarks on a mission to rebrand herself as an American sweetheart. However, not everybody she crossed is ready to buy into her new image!

To get you in the mood for this hilarious new comedy, we’ve listed our three favourite Melissa McCarthy comedies available to own on Blu-ray:


McCarthy stars alongside Jude Law, Jason Statham, Miranda Hart and Peter Serafinowicz in this Spycomedy about CIA analyst Susan Cooper, an unassuming agent who lives in the shadow of her partner, Bradley Fine (Law), whom she adores. When Fine goes missing during a mission, it’s up to Cooper to leave her desk-bound lifestyle and get out into the field to track down her idol before it’s too late.

The Blu-ray comes with nearly two hours of bonus features, including eight behind-the-scenes documentaries and a collection of improvised scenes, so there’s plenty of extra laughs to be had.


Everybody knows that planning a wedding can be tricky business, but Bridesmaids is certainly a guide on how not to do it!Bridesmaids

Kristen Wiig stars as Annie, who agrees to be a maid of honour to best friend Lillian, despite the fact that her life is somewhat falling apart. Despite problems in her own life, she must lead Lillian and a dysfunctional group of bridesmaids – including McCarthy in her breakout role – on the long journey to Lillian’s wedding day. No easy task, when you’re competing over who’s Lillian’s best friend!

The Blu-ray includes tonnes of extras, including theatrical and unrated versions of the film, deleted scenes, commentary and making of documentary.

The Heat

McCarthy teams up with Sandra Bullock in this hilarious flick about an FBI Agent, Ashburn (Bullock), who’s desperate for promotion, but is struggling to make her way up the ranks. When she’s sent to work undercover in Boston, she knows that she’s got The heatto impress if she has any chance of promotion. However, when she’s paired with hardened, territorial Boston cop Mullins (McCarthy) it’s clear that this will be no easy feat. Will the two ever be able to see eye to eye?

The Blu-ray comes with a number of special features, including unseen footage, blooper reel and a making-of documentary.

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