Blu-rays for the Weekend: Back to school

With the end of the summer holidays approaching, we thought this weekend could be the perfect chance to catching up with all your favourite films set in school. So if you’re heading back to school, or have fond memories of when you used to, why not try one of these in high definition on Blu-ray.

Mean Girls

Lindsay Lohan stars as new student Cady Heron, a girl who was home-schooled in the African jungle and then forced to fit in at a regular high school. At first Cady struggles, but after she encounters queen bee Regina George (Rachel McAdams) she soon realises that girl world and the animal kingdom aren’t really so far apart. The Blu-ray version special features include a look at Queen Bees and Wannabes, the book the movie is based on, as well as outtakes and a director’s commentary.








St Trinians

When Annabelle Fritton (Talulah Riley) is dragged by her father to the infamous and anarchic St Trinians boarding school for young ladies she is terrified. However, Annabelle soon learns to love this “Hogwarts for pscyhos” and when hard line Education Minister (Colin Firth) decides the school should be shut down, the girls decide they won’t let their home go without a fight. The film features Rupert Everett in a hilarious role as headmistress Camilla Fritton, and also includes a cameo role from comedian Russell Brand.








When dweeby outsiders Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Hill) realise they are going to different colleges, the pair are set on making the most of their final days at high school together. Hilarity ensues in this coming of age tale as the pair stumble round unconvincingly with fake IDs chasing girls and embarrassing themselves at parties. The Blu-ray version features audio commentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, a gag reel as well as a documentary on the making on the movie.

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