Blu-rays for the Weekend: Angelina Jolie movies

With Angelina Jolie recently discussing her latest role in new Sleeping Beauty movie Malificent, this week we’re taking a look at the best of her work currently available on Blu-ray. So if you’re stuck for ideas this weekend, why not try out one of the following:


What better way to kick us off than with the intense, action-packed thriller Salt? Jolie stars in the title role as CIA officer Evelyn Salt, whose life is turned upside down after she is accused of lying in wait as a Russian sleeper spy. Packed full of fight sequences, car chases and explosive stunts that would make even Bruce Willis wince, Salt embarks on a relentless race against time to discover the truth and learn once and for all who she can and can’t trust. Perfect fodder for Jolie fans and action junkies alike, the BD includes filmmakers commentaries, interviews with director Phillip Noyce as well as exclusive Blu-ray features The Real Agents, False Identity: Creating A New Reality‚ SALT: Declassified‚ Spy Cam: Picture-in-Picture and movieIQ mode.


For those of you wanting to take the action down a peg or two, why not check out Jolie’s Oscar-nominated performance as Christine Collins in the touching movie Changeling. Directed by Clint Eastwood, this emotional movie set in 1920’s LA follows Collin’s journey to bring down a corrupt police force and deal with the disappearance of her son. Based on true events, the BD’s special features explore the backdrop of the movie in feature Los Angeles: Then and Now as well as providing fans with picture-in-picture cast and crew interviews, a look at the partnership between Eastwood and Jolie, and her transformation from one of the world’s most recognised faces into a 1920’s housewife.


Fusing fast and furious action sequences with a unique visual style, Wanted sees Jolie team up with James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman to play Fox, a mysterious and deadly assassin. Wesley (McAvoy) hates his life. Stuck in a meaningless job and an unfulfilling relationship, he falls into the hands of The Fraternity – a sect who teach him to embrace his hidden abilities and turn him into the perfect killing machine. This is one Blu-ray that is guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat till the closing shot. Special features include an alternative opening, extended scenes, a look at the casting and superb special effects and the journey of bringing such a powerful graphic novel to life on the big screen.

Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2

If you’re looking for a totally different kind of Jolie performance, why not try Kung Fu Panda? Po (voiced by Jack Black) is a lowly overweight panda who by day works in his father’s noodle shop and by night dreams of joining the elite Furious Five, a group of China’s most accomplished Kung Fu warriors. When Po finally gets his chance to shine he soon discovers there’s more to it than meets the eye as Tigress (Jolie), Viper (Lucy Liu), Mantis (Seth Rogen), Crane (David Cross) and Monkey (Jackie Chan) soon show him. Awarded 5/5 stars for its stunning video and audio quality by, the BD extras include commentary and trivia tracks, a look at the film’s development from concept art to the big screen, a behind-the-scenes look at the animation process and voice recording sessions, interviews with the cast and much more.

So what do you think of our choices? Hit the comments to tell us your favourite Angelina Jolie movies, or tell us what else you’ll be looking forward to watching on Blu-ray this weekend.

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