Blu-ray sales beyond the Ordinar-E

Not content with scooping the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, Wall-E, the loveable cleaning machine has also soared into the record books as the fastest selling animated Blu-ray Disc of all time.

Figures released today show that despite taking less at the box office, ten per cent more copies of Wall-E have been sold on Blu-ray Disc than Mamma Mia, the biggest selling DVD of all time.

With Blu-ray Discs accounting for more than one in ten of Disney’s Wall-E sales, the upward shift in Blu-ray’s popularity is only too evident. Certainly the pace with which consumers are adopting Blu-ray is accelerating and family movie purchases are a major drive of this. For example, recent research found that sales of Blu-ray Discs in Britain are predicted to exceed 15m in 2009 and are growing at a rate of over 300 per cent.

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