Blu-ray Monday: The Theory of Everything

Theory of EveythingThe TheoFor this week’s Blu-ray Monday we’re giving away a brand new Blu-ray copy of The Theory of Everything, starring Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne as Steven Hawking and Felicity Jones as Jane Hawkings.

This moving and powerfully acted biopic, based on Jane Hawking’s memoir Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen and directed by Academy Award winner James Marsh (Man on Wire), captures the relationship between one of the world’s greatest living minds and the woman who persevered for love. The film opens a fascinating window into the enigma that is Stephen Hawking: the first physicist to set forth a ground-breaking theory of cosmology. Special features include commentary with Director James Marsh and deleted scenes. For more details, click here.

As usual you have two chances to win. For your first entry, just click on the tweet button above. Then for a second entry, leave a comment below in response to the following question.

Eddie Redmayne gave an Oscar winning performance as the legendary Stephen Hawking. So in honour of his achievement, we want to find out your favourite on-screen portrayal of a real person. Perhaps it’s Russell Crowe as John Nash in A Beautiful Mind, Helen Mirren as The Queen, or Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash in Walk The Line? Or if politics is more your thing, how about Daniel Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln or Josh Brolin as George W Bush?  The list goes on and on, so have a think and let us know which performance stands out for you and why!

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