Blu-ray Monday: Prometheus

This week for Blu-ray Monday, we’re giving you the chance to win Prometheus – Ridley Scott’s triumphant return to the Alien franchise.

Scientists Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) find themselves on a mission aboard the spaceship Prometheus to uncover the secrets of humanity. But when the ship touches down on moon LV-223 they find the answers they are after are not what they hoped they would be.

As usual with our Blu-ray Monday competitions, you have two chances to win. For your first entry hit the tweet button at the top of this post. Then for a second entry, leave a comment below in response to the following question:

Prometheus sees Ridley Scott returning to the classic Alien series with a thrilling prequel which explores the background of the universe he created over 30 years ago. But what film or series of films would you like to see get the prequel treatment and why? Maybe you’re a die-hard sci-fi fan and want to see the Predators’ earlier encounters with humans? Or perhaps you’d like to revisit the Matrix, before Morpheus found Neo? What would life be like on Pandora before the humans arrived? Maybe you have a great idea for prequel that’s yet to be made? Whatever it is, let us know in the comments below for your chance to win!

To make it easier for us to contact you, remember to leave your Twitter details with your comment. As ever, we look forward to your suggestions…

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