Blu-ray Monday: Looper

For this week’s Blu-ray Monday, we’re giving you the chance to win Rian Johnson’s sci-fi action film Looper.

It is the year 2074, and time travel has been invented, however a nervous government has ensured it is outlawed and it is now confined to the black market. When the Mafia decide they need to get rid of someone, they send their target thirty years into the past to 2044, where a ‘looper’ is waiting to dispose of them. But there’s a catch. Each of these loopers amasses too much information about their mafia bosses, so one day they must be sent back to ‘close the loop’ and be executed by their former selves. Twenty five year old Joseph Simmons (Joseph Gordon –Levitt) is one such looper, working in Kansas City. However Joe’s life is turned inside out when he allows his future self (Bruce Willis) to escape his fate and is tasked with tracking him down.

The Blu-ray version is set to feature an audio commentary with the cast, deleted scenes and a feature on the literary and cinematic history of time travel.

As usual with our Blu-ray Monday competitions, you have two chances to win. For your first entry, just click on the tweet button above. Then for a second entry, leave a comment below in response to the following question:

In Looper,  Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a younger version of Bruce Willis, and the likeness (aided by some prosthetic enhancements) is uncanny. So this week we wanted to ask you which other actors could be paired up and cast as the younger or older versions of each other? So, for instance do you think Juno Temple would make a convincing young Helen Mirren, or maybe you would like to see Will Smith cast as a younger Samuel L Jackson? Who are the actors that are so unique no-one could portray them accurately?

To make it easier for us to contact you, remember to leave your Twitter details with your comment. We look forward to your suggestions!

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