Blu-ray Monday: Inception - Premium Collection Steelbook

For this week’s Blu-ray Monday, we’re giving you the chance to win the Premium Collection Steelbook edition of Inception, Christopher Nolan’s epic 2010 dream heist movie.

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is one of the most skilful thieves in the world, but he doesn’t crack safes – he ventures into the dreams of his targets, takes the information he needs and leaves his victims none the wiser in a process called ‘extraction’. All Cobb really wants to get home to his family in the United States, but he is wanted there on suspicion of murder. The opportunity to get home arises when a powerful businessman offers to have the charges cleared if he can perform the seemingly impossible: ‘inception’. By planting a thought in a rival business owner’s mind to dissolve the company, Cobb can get what he wants. No one else thinks it’s possible, but Cobb claims to have done it before – can he do it again and get home?

Directed by Christopher Nolan and filmed in part on 65mm negatives, the picture quality is absolutely stunning on high-definition Blu-ray. With Hans Zimmer’s booming soundtrack presented on DTS-HD Master Audio as well, it’s a real treat for all the senses.

As usual with our Blu-ray Monday competitions, you have two chances to win. For your first entry, just click on the tweet button above. Then for a second entry, leave a comment below in response to the following question:

Inception sees Leonardo DiCaprio forming a crack team of thieves to break into the dreams of their mark including Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page and Ken Watanabe. If you were bringing together an A-list team to help you with a heist, who would you pick?  Maybe you think George Clooney’s moves as Danny Ocean would come in handy or that Michael Caine’s Charlie from the Italian Job could get you out of a fix. Perhaps you’re a fan of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow and think she has the perfect attributes for the job. Whoever your dream team is, let us know in the comments below!

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