Blu-ray Monday Giveaway: Pulp Fiction

An image of Pulp Fiction on Blu-rayFor this week’s competition we’re giving you the chance to win a copy of Quentin Tarantino’s neo-noir masterpiece Pulp Fiction on Blu-ray.

Famed for its rich dialogue, stylised filming and ironic mix of humour and violence, Pulp Fiction follows the intersecting lives of LA’s mobsters and small-time criminals. Headed up by low-rent hit men Vincent (John Travolta) and Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) in roles that revived their careers, the stellar cast in this fascinating movie also includes Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis and Tim Roth.

As usual with Blu-ray Monday, you have two chances to win. For your first entry hit the tweet button at the top of this post. Then for a second entry, leave a comment on this post in response to the following question:

Passing into film history, Travolta and Thurman’s infamous diner dance sequence is now as much a part of pop culture as the 50s setting it’s based in. So for this week we’d like to know what your favourite movie dance off is? Perhaps you’re a huge fan of old time dance pictures and can’t get enough of Elvis in Jailhouse Rock or Gene Kelly swinging from lampposts in Singing in the Rain? Or maybe you’re a sucker for romance and the final dance numbers in Grease or Dirty Dancing have you hooked? You could alternatively find the worst dancers the most entertaining, such as efforts displayed by Simon, Neil and Will in The Inbetweeners Movie or Mike Myers in the opening of every Austin Powers movie? Either way let us know!

To make it easier for us to contact you, leave your Twitter details with your comment.  We look forward to your suggestions!

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