Blu-ray features for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo unveiled

An image of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Blu-rayIn January we brought you news that David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo would be coming to Blu-ray Disc on April 23rd. Since then, Sony has released a comprehensive list of bonus features – so let’s take a look!

The Triple Play pack will comprise of a Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy of the movie with the Blu-ray set to contain in-depth audio commentaries from director David Fincher and Tim Miller of Blur Studio. A whole raft of bonus content examines the sets and cinematography with individual features on The Cottage, The Vanger Attic, The Vanger Estate and Harald’s Den.

Leading cast members delve deep into their character profiles, including Rooney Mara who gives her thoughts on her portrayal of one of the most iconic female leads in modern literature – Lisbeth Salander.

Are you tempted to take a look at Rooney’s journey from aspiring actress to the infamous kick-ass hacker from the inside out? We certainly are!

For more information, including a fuller range of extras on the Blu-ray, visit TheHDRoom.

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