Blu-ray Disc Association Announces Final 3D Specification

Blu-ray 3D Expected to Reach Consumers in 2010

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has announced the finalization and release of the Blu-ray 3D specification.  This highly anticipated specification means that the 3D experience will no longer be exclusive to the big screen.  Now consumers can enjoy this from the comfort of their own living rooms on Blu-ray Disc.

Technologically, the specification has various advantages. It allows every Blu-ray 3D player and movie to deliver Full HD 1080p resolution to each eye, thereby maintaining the industry leading image quality to which Blu-ray Disc viewers are accustomed.  Moreover, the specification is display agnostic, meaning that Blu-ray 3D products will deliver the 3D image to any compatible 3D display, regardless of whether that display uses LCD, Plasma or other technology. The specification has been designed so that Sony PlayStation3 game consoles will be able to play 3D Blu-ray content, and it also allows 2D playback of 3D discs in existing BD players.

Throughout this year, moviegoers have shown an overwhelming preference for 3D when presented with the option to see a theatrical release in either 3D or 2D. Victor Matsuda, chairman, BDA Global Promotions Committee

The completed specification will be available shortly and the BDA is confident it will prove a success.  Victor Matsuda, global chairman of BDA Promotions Committee said: We think the broad and rapid acceptance Blu-ray Disc already enjoys with consumers will be a factor in accelerating the uptake of 3D in the home. Benn Carr, chairman, BDA 3D Task Force, added: From a technological perspective, it is simply the best available platform for bringing 3D into the home. The disc capacity and bit rates Blu-ray Disc provides enable us to deliver 3D in Full HD 1080p high definition resolution.

To read more about the Blu-ray 3D specification click here to view the full release.

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