Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Blu-ray trailer released

It’s been a big year for science fiction on the big screen, with the likes of Prometheus, Total Recall and The Hunger Games wowing audiences and hugely anticipated titles such as Looper on the way. Now, the film that arguably helped to define the genre more than any other, Sir Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, is back to celebrate its 30th anniversary on Blu-ray Disc, and we have the new trailer.

The film tells the tale of Harrison Ford’s Deckard, a so-called Blade Runner tasked with ‘retiring’ bio-engineered beings known as replicants. The bold vision of the future created by Sir Ridley Scott has been a huge influence to many and to this day its meaning and themes are still a topic of great debate.

The three-disc 30th anniversary edition, available from late October, contains remastered versions of both the Director’s Cut and the Final Cut, alongside a huge range of bonus features – including several commentaries, deleted scenes, featurettes on all aspects of the production, outtakes and a stills gallery. It also includes a special commemorative hard cover book, a replica spinner car and a lenticular sleeve.

The new trailer is below. Sci-fi fans won’t want to miss this one!


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