Bieber Fever comes to Blu-ray

Justin Bieber is without doubt a modern day musical phenomenon and soon every ‘Bielieber’ will be able to take home a slice of the pint-sized pop star as his smash-hit documentary Never Say Never lands on Blu-ray Disc in May.

Charting his meteoric rise to fame, this inspiring biopic combines personal performances, concert footage and intimate insights from the superstar and those closest to him.

Arriving in a Triple Play pack containing BD, DVD and Digital copy of the movie, fans of everything from his haircut to his dance moves have an array of exciting extras to choose from. Viewers are given a behind the scenes look at tour rehearsals with his talented dance crew, a tribute to his fans where the singer meets golden ticket winners and a full length concert from his recent tour. For those of you familiar with the hype that surrounds Justin’s glossy locks, there’s even a special feature named ‘R.I.P. Hair Flip’ in which the singer bids fair well to his signature do and opts for a more grown up look.

If you remain unconvinced or skeptical about just how big an impact Bieber has made in the few short years he’s been on the circuit, it’s worth taking note of the following. After a heated chart battle with Lady Gaga last year, he triumphantly surpassed the queen of pop when his single ‘Baby’ clocked up a staggering 245,746,720 million views on YouTube. The video went on to be crowned the most-watched music clip in the site’s history, so it’s no surprise the boy wonder is being hailed a Michael Jackson for the digital generation.

For full details and stills from the upcoming release click here. We’ve also included the trailer below. Enjoy!

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