Band of Brothers/The Pacific box set

An image of Band of Brothers and The Pacific on Blu-rayIn a move sure to delight fans of both critically acclaimed series, HBO has announced a colossal box set of Band of Brothers and The Pacific will go on sale throughout Europe on November 7th.

For avid fans of the dramas or just those with an interest in the conflicts, both miniseries chart the lives and losses of soldiers battling to survive in war torn lands during WWII. Premiering back in 2001, Band of Brothers was a huge hit for executive producers Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. Telling the tale of a group of soldiers from their training in Georgia to their deployment on the shores of Germany, it made stars of many involved such as James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy. The 2010 Emmy winning drama The Pacific saw Spielberg and Hanks reunite to bring audiences the intertwined stories of three marines during America’s battle with the Japanese.

Including over 20 hours of extras spread across the set, a new bonus disc features documentary He Has Seen War, which a reviewer claims is ‘one of the finest World War II documentaries I’ve had the privilege to review’.

Bonus content featured on the Band of Brothers set includes an Interactive Field Guide for each episode allowing viewers to interact with archive footage, trivia, bios and much more bringing a new level of understanding on the production to light. Other extras include documentaries such as The Making of Band of Brothers alongside interviews with the cast, Spielberg and Hanks. Accompanying The Pacific BDs are interviews with surviving veterans, cast and crew, facts and photos, and a behind-the-scenes look at production design, stunts, makeup and costumes.

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