Avatar Blu-ray sets sales records and wows reviewers

The Blu-ray Disc edition of Avatar, officially the most successful movie of all time, is finally hitting shelves across the world. Since its launch in the US and some other territories last week, it has become the fastest selling Blu-ray Disc of all time, beating The Dark Knight’s record to sell 2.7 million units in its first four days on sale. As it launches in the UK and other European markets, we take a look at what some of the first reviewers to get their hands on it had to say.

Any initial disappointment at the lack of additional content or 3D on this initial release has been blown away by the sheer quality of the audio visual experience. Director James Cameron stated previously that the decision to not include extra material meant that they could dedicate all available space on the Blu-ray Disc to recreating the film’s awesome visuals in the best possible way, and the decision looks to have paid off.

Ron Henriques from popular film news site Latino Review says This 1080p presentation of Avatar is one of the best HD transfers I have ever seen, and that you can notice a lot more detail in the images than the original 3-D presentation in theatres. HighDefDiscNews meanwhile gives it their perfect ‘5 Star Rating’for video quality, while also noting that the THX Certified sound mix gives an amazing audible performance that is well representing of the story’s sci-fi and ethereal nature. Hollywood News puts it in less technical terms: Wow. Really, wow. Just ‚Ķ unbelievable‚Ķ to date, this is the best-looking Blu-ray transfer of a film I’ve seen, and man, it ain’t even close.

Avatar is available to buy on Blu-ray Disc now in most European regions, with others to follow over the next two weeks. If you need a reminder of what to expect, here’s the trailer:


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