UK retailer Asda announces £40 Blu-ray player and predicts BD to outsell DVD this Christmas

An image of an ASDA Blu-ray playerBlu-ray players will outsell DVD players this Christmas, according to British supermarket chain Asda who is also now selling its own entry level BD player for £40 in its larger stores.

With HDTVs being more common in UK homes, Blu-ray’s superior 1080p picture quality and ability to ‘upscale’ standard DVDs have been cited as the main reasons for the prediction. Also, since September, the average price of Blu-ray players has fallen from £112 to £70, making them more accessible to consumers.

Asda is also cutting the price of its Blu-ray titles, including some new releases on sale for less than £10. Home entertainment expert Steve May, who reviews video players for websites such as CNET and The Register said,

“Asda confirms that it will sell a £40 Blu-ray player from this week – expect rivals to drop prices to match. This is going to be a Blu-ray Christmas.”

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