Ain’t It Cool News founder talks Blu-ray

Back in June we brought you news of a Blu-ray Virtual Roundtable discussion which gave the inside scoop on the latest developments on the format.

Back for a sixth time, the latest Virtual Roundtable discussion sees Victor Matsuda, chair of the Blu-ray Disc Association’s Global Promotions Committee, teaming up with Ain’t It Cool News founder and film critic Harry Knowles.

Visit Home Media Magazine for a transcript of the interview, which focuses on a number of issues, from remastered catalogue releases and personal BD favourites, to future format developments and bonus content. Knowles’ infamous passion for movies shines through, calling Blu-ray “the best home video format ever created” and praising the format’s online connectivity that has allowed for communal viewing events and second screen viewing via smartphone and tablet apps. “Film is a social beast,” he continues, “It is meant to be shared and watched together.”

We’ll let you know when the next roundtable takes place – watch this space!

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