A Street Cat Named Bob purrs its way onto Blu-ray

A Street Cat Named Bob, the uplifting true story about a man whose life is changed by a stray cat, will be available to buy on Blu-ray from February 27th 2017. a-street-cat-named-bob

Starring Luke Treadaway, Anthony Head, Ruta Gedmintas and Bob the Cat (yes, he’s real!), A Street Cat Named Bob tells the story of James Bowen, a down-and-out busker who’s recovering from illness. While in sheltered accommodation, Bowen comes across a stray, injured ginger cat, which he takes in and calls Bob. At the time, Bowen had no idea how much Bob would change his life for the better. But before long, the two spark up an inseparable friendship, one which will change Bowen’s life forever in the most positive of ways.

Based on the bestselling book by the same name, this feel-good film is perfect for winter evenings. We’re yet to hear about special features, but if pets are your thing, make sure you check out The Secret Life of Pets, which was released last month.

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