A Good Day to Die Hard lives on Blu-ray

Fresh from its cinematic release earlier this year, A Good Day To Die Hard is on its way to Blu-ray, and this week the special features for the fifth movie in the chronicles of maverick New York cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) have been revealed.

The movie opens as McClane is forced to head to Moscow to help out his wayward son Jack (Jai Courtney) after he is arrested for murder. However McClane soon learns that not all is as it seems when he discovers that Jack has been working as an undercover CIA agent working to prevent a nuclear weapons test by underground forces.

The extended edition two-disc Blu-ray set will include an extended cut of the movie, extensive deleted and a director’s commentary. In addition there will also be a wide array of bonus features explaining just how the crew made it so hard for McClane to die, including The Anatomy of a Car Chase, VFX Sequences and Maximum McClane.

A European release date is still to be confirmed, but in the meantime head on over to the HD Room  for more information.

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