A Clockwork Orange celebrates 40 years with Blu-ray release

Back in February we brought you news that Warner Home Video was releasing a 40th Anniversary Edition of A Clockwork Orange on Blu-ray Disc this Spring. With an official release date confirmed for 31st May and a screening at this year’s Cannes Film festival in the diary, Warner Home Video has now unveiled a comprehensive list of intriguing features included on this commemorative edition.

Regarded as one of director Stanley Kubrick’s most controversial projects, A Clockwork Orange explores the dark world of violence and psychiatry, charting the rise and fall of charismatic psychopath Alex (played by Malcolm McDowell).

As well as numerous featurettes and trailers, fans can expect commentary from film historian Nick Redman on the cultural impact of this seminal tale, a documentary narrated by Tom Cruise named ‘Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures’ which examines Kubrick’s extraordinary career and 25 minute film ‘O Lucky Malcolm!’ in which McDowell reflects on his life and experiences of working with the legendary director.

We’re sure this exclusive line up is sure to get right under the skin of the film which has left audiences in awe for decades.

Justpressplay has the full story and an exclusive BD trailer for you to enjoy!

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