A Case of You to arrive on Blu-ray

One of the hottest indie rom-coms so far this year, A Case of You, has been confirmed on Blu-ray just in time for Valentine’s Day, and will be hitting the shelves from February 4th.


Named after the iconic Joni Mitchell song, rom-com gets an update for the digital age in A Case of You. Set on the hipster streets of downtown Brooklyn, this story of luck and love follows young quirk-ster writer Sam (Justin Long) as he falls hopelessly in love with barista Birdie (Evan Rachel Wood) at his local coffee shop. Unfortunately for Sam, Birdie isn’t impressed when he asks her out in real life, so he creates a fake Facebook profile to transform himself into the man of her dreams. But as she starts to fall in love with him, can he keep up the act? This film is a rollercoaster of laughs and features an all-star cast including Vince Vaughn and Sienna Miller.


Special features are yet to be revealed, so keep an eye on Blu-ray.com for more information.

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