3D Blu-ray sales figures set to rise

According to forecasts from market analysts IHS Screen Digest, consumer spending on 3D Blu-ray Discs in the US, UK, Germany and France will grow by a staggering 533% in 2011 compared to last year. 7.5 million BD3Ds are expected to fly off the shelves in contrast to 1.1 million discs sold in 2010 – the year of their launch. If figures continue as expected, by 2014 more than 41 million BD3Ds are expected to sell each year.

Richard Baxter, research analyst, video, at IHS said:

“Consumers are snapping up BD3D titles because of a number of positive occurrences in the home 3-D segment. These developments include increasing consumer awareness of 3-D technology, rising 3-D hardware sales and an expanding catalog of 3-D films for the home environment. Meanwhile, the arrival of more BD3D titles in retail stores will enhance the technology’s profile among consumers and encourage 3-D hardware adoption. BD3D-enabled households are also likely to buy more BD3D titles if they have a larger slate to choose from.”

The UK which is expected to have about 60 BD3D titles available by the end of 2011, will be the second-largest BD3D market (behind the US) this year, followed by Germany and then France according to IHS.

Twice.com has the full story.

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