Lost in Hong Kong

In the mid-1990s university art majors Xu Lai (Xu Zheng) and Yang Yi (Du Juan) fell in love but then Yang was transferred to the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Xu has never seen her since. Almost twenty years later the already bald Xu has long forgotten his dreams of becoming an artist but he can never forget Yang even though he enjoys a comfortable life with his loving wife Cai Bo (Zhao Wei) the only major problem between them being the repeated failure conceiving a child. During a vacation in Hong Kong with Cai’s overbearing family Xu plans to secretly visit Yang but Cai Bo’s goofy young brother Cai Lala (Bao Bei’er) ‚Äî always carrying a video camera in hand for his documentary project ‚Äî tags along like his unwelcome shadow to spoil the rendezvous. Meanwhile in Hong Kong Wong Jing is filming another riotous gangster movie while 2 police officers (Sam Lee and Eric Kot) investigate a murder. One of them attempts to topple the case and threatens Xu Lai’s near and dear.


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